Free Yourself From Anxiety, Stress & Fear

Hypnotherapy at BBK Psychotherapeutic Services is a well-respected method to face your fears, reduce anxiety and manage stress. Hypnosis helps you:

  • Strengthen self-confidence.
  • Strengthen self-esteem.
  • Reduce anxiety & panic attacks.
  • Manage fears and phobias.

Social anxiety, test anxiety, anxiety associated with driving, flying, public speaking, sports performance, fears and phobias, and anxiety related issues such as compulsive eating and sleep problems.


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About Benjamin Moss, C.HT.

Benjamin Moss is a clinical Hypnotherapist with over 25 years in practice and has conducted over 20,000 hypnotherapy sessions.  Benjamin is an affiliate of BBK offering his services to our clients.  For more information about Benjamin Moss, C.HT., CLICK HERE.


Will I still be in control of my mind during hypnosis?

  • Yes! You are always in control during hypnosis.

Is Hypnotherapy similar to Meditation?

  • Yes! Hypnosis puts you in a deep-thought state of mind which is similar to meditation.

Am I asked questions during Hypnotherapy?

  • No. At no time the therapist ask you to respond to questions. You are in a relaxed state-of-mind while the therapist speaks to you with encouraging words.

Will I cluck like a chicken with a trigger word?

  • No! This is a misconception by many brought on by the wonderful minds of Hollywood.